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Bucerias, Mexico

Bucerias is located approximately twenty-five minutes north of Puerto Vallarta on Banderas Bay, the largest bay in Mexico. You'll find many visitors and long-term residents from both Canada and the United States here, as well as other English speaking countries. So, speaking Spanish is not a must as many restaurant and store owners speak English. But if you'd like to try out your Spanish, you'll have plenty of opportunites to do so.

There are several world-class restaurants to taste both local and international cuisine. And if you like night life, Bucerias has a variety of night clubs and bars to dance the night away while slugging down a few cervezas to offset the warm climate. Or try a mango margarita to get you onto the dance floor to try out those new salsa moves you learned.

Every day, you'll have a chance to shop for local products from colorful stalls and sidewalk vendors. Prices are still cheap in Mexico, so bring an extra suitcase so you can take back your booty!

With white sand stretching for more than fifteen kilometers, a stroll on the beach becomes an adventure. Watch the kite surfers jump the waves and fly through the air, get into a volleyball game, throw a frisbee, or dive headlong into the surf, jump on a horse and take it for a gallop at the water's edge, spread out a towel and collapse into nothingness... it's your time off, so do what you want!

And in or close to Bucerias, there are supermarkets, banks, pharmacies, cell phone rentals, internet cafes, bakeries, gyms, sports shops, taxis, buses, rental cars... you name it, you have everything you need here at your fingertips.

Want more? Go snorkeling or scuba diving, see whales and dolphins, hang on a zip line across the forest canopy, go for a hike, visit Puerto Vallarta or go to Sayulita and surf. There's plenty to do around Bucerias. And then of course, there's just relaxing around the pool at the hotel...

Bucerias Mexico
A 15 kilometer white sand beach in Bucerias
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Sunrise over Bucerias beach
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